Dogma simplified… modern society is too smart for it’s own damn good.

holy shit!  Pun intended… Celestial interpretations mistaken for factual information, Jesus is the solar messiah  of the age of Pisces (two fish ring a bell?), lasting 2150 years.  In the year 2150AD  (the prophesied end of Jesus’ reign), a new messiah will be ushered in.  Thus starts the age of Aquarius… see for reference Luke 22:10, it’s not to be taken literally. “Luke 22:10 –  He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house (Age of the sun*) that he enters”.  What is the symbol for Aquarious?  A man carrying a pitcher of water… holy shit again!  Modern religion is a tool created to control and to funnel billions of tax free money wherever Deep Think wants it.  Please stop the idiotic bantering, heresy and blasphemy talk… it is hurting Jesus’ head.  Oh, by the way, Jesus is the sun in the house of pisces and the twelve disciples are the 12 constellations.  Read a fucking book and also the bible is an astrolotheogical literary reference with a lot of socio-political hogwash. Talk to me, I’ll walk you through it.


*added for clarification

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