Unquestioned Fealty
Fallow, hollow, consistent halls
So familiar, so unending
Strike a match and let it burn
Catches of light echo off the granite mass
The vacuity is colossal
Your vassalage to this place holds sick
Yet it is sacrosanct to your existence
Tacit comments point accusing woes
What is the purpose of your judgments,
A life filled with useless glory?
Knowledge must be a waste of life
Is ignorance, truly, bliss?
We have to think so
For those who aren’t ignorant
See futility in your quest for preservation
Why strive to earn so much
Just to lose it all in death?
You choose to live a life of unending blah
Living for everyone else
Just to appease your idolatry
Be it greed, be it pride
Or a simple building made of stone

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